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Our Services

Finding a land


We support locals. All the lands we have acquired for our projects were directly from the land owners. Therefor we have cut the middle man (agent) who increases the price and we delivered the best price and conditions directly to the owner and buyer.

Law support


Understanding Indonesian law is crucial for buying property overseas. Our in house lawyer will advice all the potentional investors about all the differences between EU, US, AUS and Indonesian law.  Please schedule a private consultation.

Architectural services


We have talented designers and architects on our team. If you haven’t found the villa of your dreams, please messages us. We will create home up to your taste and desires. Any design you see can be change and altered.

Property management


Maximize your villa’s earnings with our expert management services. Hassle-free solutions. Improve villa’s performance with data-driven strategies, 24/7 support and premium services. We have experienced team ready take your new property to our porfolio.

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